Placement Guide

Summary of basic guidelines to consider when placing the Eagle Eye system:

Use the correct units for the applicable species:
Silver & Gold – Land Birds
Red – Seabirds

Large buildings and warehouses:

Place the first Eagle Eye units on the highest points of the building

Now place Eagle Eye units on the corners of the building:

Now place an Eagle Eye unit every 60m / 200ft if the building is large enough

Install one Pro-Peller unit between two adjacent Eagle Eye units:

Small-Medium Homes:

Install the Eagle Eye unit on the highest point (even if this is not near the problem area)

The Eagle Eye unit flashes towards the sun as it moves from East to West during the day over the equator.
This may leave an unprotected area behind the reflective device where birds will still land.

Add secondary units to ensure that the entire roof is covered. These may be Pro-Peller units for small-medium sized homes.

Important placement principles:
Consider neighbours and tenants when placing the Eagle Eye system as the flashes may cause irritation.

Install bird proofing products at nesting and roosting areas – This is very important for the system to be effective.

Always install the units in direct sunlight.

Wind-driven Eagle Eye units may be used to save cost if there are regular breezy conditions in the area.

All reflective units must be cleaned every 3-4 months to ensure long-term effectiveness.
Wash the reflective surfaces with window cleaning soap and rinse thoroughly afterward.