The Pro-Peller unit consists of two wings with large reflective angles to provide long-range strobes as well as two faceted cups adding a menacing flashing pattern in all directions.

The unit rotates by means of its double bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes.

The unit is totally wind-driven and no electricity is needed.

The result is a low cost, low maintenance, and easy to install open-area bird deterring device.

The wings are made out of abs plastic and the mounting bracket is strong glass-filled nylon.

This ensures the longevity of the unit and it can be used in coastal areas without the risk of corrosion.

Approaching birds are discouraged by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating Pro-Peller unit.

The Pro-Peller unit will reduce daytime bird infestation and is not intended to be used on roosting or nesting birds.

In order for the Pro-Peller units to be most effective, the following steps must be taken:

1) Bird proofing products should be installed at the favourite nesting- and roosting areas.

2) Ensure that easily accessible food sources are removed or covered.

3) The units should be cleaned every 3-4 months with window cleaning soap and water.

The Pro-Peller unit is completely modular and replacement wings and cups can easily be installed if needed.

90° Mounting brackets are also available for installation onto roof peaks

The red, silver & gold unit deters seabirds while the silver & gold unit is intended for land birds.