Frequently Asked Questions

about reflective deterrents.

What happens in cloudy weather?

The Eagle Eye only works while sunlight or artificial light is reflected from the surface; however, once their pattern is broken and they find another roosting spot, they will not easily return. 

Will the birds get used to it?

Birds will get used to most artificial deterring devices, but not the Eagle Eye. The Eagle Eye is specially developed to focus on the eye of the bird (The most sensitive part of the bird). Birds may discover the blind spots and gain access through that, but in general, they will not get used to the Eagle Eye. The longer the Eagle Eye system is in place, the better it works.

Do the Units need cleaning?

Yes. It works by reflecting a certain light spectrum from the sun or artificial light back to the bird. If the unit is dirty, this will hamper the working of the Eagle Eye.

What is the expected lifespan of a unit?

Each Eagle Eye unit is guaranteed for a period of 24 months, but under normal conditions, a life expectancy of five years is possible given that it’s serviced regularly. Service Agreements are available from most of our agents.

Are the beams harmful to humans and other animals?

No. They can be irritating if the reflection is into a window, but it is not harmful. Please consider neighbours before installing the Eagle Eye system. Shields can also be added to the units to block flashes into specific directions.

Will it deter all of the birds?

No. We do not claim that the Eagle Eye will chase away all of the birds. There are always some stubborn persistent birds that refuse to give up their favorite roosting spot. They can only be removed through a culling program or by spiking their roosting/ nesting spots. Up to an 80% reduction in bird infestation can be expected. Sometimes you may even see a stubborn bird sitting right next to the units, but this does not mean the system is not effective. Remember, we aim for an infestation reduction at a fraction of the cost of total exclusion products. This is most probably a bird with a nest nearby and these nesting areas must be closed down to further improve results.

What happens if the Eagle Eye gets struck by lightning?

It will disintegrate!! Call your insurance broker!!

Can more than one Eagle Eye work off 1 solar panel?

It is advised that only one Eagle Eye unit is connected to a 10watt solar panel.

How long before the birds will return if a unit breaks?

Once the bird has moved to another roosting spot, it will not easily return because its pattern has been broken. It may take two to three weeks before they will start to return.

Does it work for all bird kinds?

No. We are still testing on various bird species but we have found that it has no effect on most of the predator birds and large breeding gull colonies.

How do I know how many units I will need for my building?

Follow the placement guideline video on our website. 
Photos of your building or problem areas can be sent to our e-mail address and we will gladly assist you.
Contact your local agent.
If you need a professional consultant to visit you, contact our office via e-mail and we will set up a meeting.