Bird Skip

Our team at Eagle Eye Bird Control is excited to introduce the new Bird Skip unit
to provide a solution for flat and slightly angled surfaces.

Bird control in these areas has been a real challenge up to now
and we trust that the Bird Skip will be a welcome
addition to your arsenal.

What is the Bird Skip?

The Bird Skip works by means of two HD composite fiberglass rods
that rotate around a central base.

The telescopic rods fold into each other for transport and the unit is easy to assemble
and install as a DIY solution.

The total extended length of the two rods is 3.3m.

Simply place the unit in the middle of the problem area and the rods will do the rest.

Each Bird Skip unit protects up to 9m² and is ideal to use on:

Solar panels | Flat rooftops | Pergolas

Skylights | Paved areas | HVAC units

Swimming pool perimeters | Fish Ponds

The Bird Skip is available in 3 versions:

Wind-Driven Bird Skip | Mains Powered 12v Bird Skip | Solar Powered Bird Skip

Wind-Driven Bird Skip:

Each rod is 1,6m in length and fitted with two wind cups to provide motion in the slightest of breezes.

The central base contains a durable double-bearing assembly
and no electricity is required.

The wind-driven Bird Skip will not always make full rotations, but the motion
of the rods is sufficient to deter birds within the reach of the unit’s radius.

Mains Powered 12v Bird Skip:

The central base contains a durable 12v motor which is powered by a 220v-12v transformer power supply.

Each rod is also fitted with two wind cups to reduce strain on the 12v motor.

The 12v motor is an electronically regulated, brushless motor and will
periodically stop to cool down as a protective measure.

Solar Powered Bird Skip

The solar powered Bird Skip is used in areas without available electricity.

The unit will turn on solar power during the day and will become a
wind driven unit at night once the motor disengages.

Installation on solar panels:

The Bird Skip is clamped to the frames of two adjacent solar panels so no drilling is required.

Solar panel clamps are sold separately.